teresfanstuff said: Fanboy said you usually keep track of his birthday for him. What is it? And what's yours?

im sorry, but that to is classified information!!! we dont want anyone  to just know our birthdays!!!!

Anonymous said: Does it bug you when people call you cute?

nope i love it :)

the-fan-man said: Hey Chum!! Unfortunately, Yo found her little cell phone trans-porting thingy. You know, the one she used when we were TRYING to do our super cool awesome stunt!? Then she stole my brain.. blah blah blah. Anyway, just keep out an EXTRA EXTRA EYE for any Yo's coming your way, okay? :D


ladyrevenge-deactivated20120712 said: Do you like Sigmund? How about Yo? Oz?

ya i like sigmund, hes really cool

and oz is awesome

yo, well she is something, but i still like her

Anonymous said: GO PIKACHU!


Anonymous said: I know where you live 8O


Anonymous said: What is your sexual orientation?

what does that mean? o.o

Anonymous said: What's your favourite super hero?

Man Arctica!!!! he is amaaazing!

Anonymous said: Hey Chum Chum! What do you think about the shrine Yo has for you in her room?

i find it quite scary

aw man :(

hey everyone. today im not feeling well… my stumy hurts, and i dont know why! maybe its that pencil i accidentally swallowed in mr mufflins class.. uh oh DX
i better go tell fanboy. looks like we might be taking a trip to the hospital tonight!!! i will keep you guys posted!